Outsourcing With A Norwegian Twist

Case Study: Best-Hall Norway completely revamps their online presence


Since 1975 Best-Hall has been the leader in product development and qualify for buildings with steel lattice structures. Being a full-service supplier, they have delivered approximately 4,000 warehouse, industry and sports buildings to sites in countries like Norway, Finland, Germany, Estland, France, Holland, Russia and Sweden.

Best-Hall Norway came to NordBits with the intent to completely revamp their online presence, and our team in Bulgaria was up to the task. The new website for the Norwegian market can now be accessed equally on mobile and stationary machines, with responsive design, and a new CMS controlling the content displayed within by the manager of the website.

Not only does the new website look great, it is also easily navigated, and loads perfectly on any device used to access it.


According to Hans Christian Virik, the managing director of Best-Hall Norway, the move to a new and more user-friendly website was important. The old website had seen better days, and being a forward leaning company, it is important to present itself as good as its products. And with the expertise from Nordbits’ UI/UX team, we have reached that goal.

In fact, Best-Hall is so pleased with the work presented that we are now moving the other countries over to the same system.